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Mar 21, 2015

Today is our last day at SXSW and we wrap up our four-part special with Erin Ivey and Diane Magnuson also known as Tourmaline.


Erin is a singer-songwriter in Austin with a unique urban folk sound. She serenades the gang with a sultry melody sung in both French and English.


More of Erin’s work can be found at


Our final guest at SXSW is DJ and Producer, Tourmaline. She talks about what its like being a woman in the male dominated genera of house music and what other aspiring female DJ’s can do to break into the industry.


Do you have a guest you’d like to have us interview? Want to be on the show yourself? Tweet us at OMC MusicLink to let us know.


Mar 20, 2015

Sharon Jennings, Vice President of Music and Marketing at APM Music swings by to bring her perspective on the changes in the ways people find and use music as branding tools for videos, commercials and other media outlets.


Then we switch gears as Greta Morgan aka Springtime Carnivore sits down with Jamie and Sean to talk about how she got her start as a solo artist. She also plays a song called Keep Confessing courtesy of the guitar she borrowed from her 4 year old niece.


More about Greta including her music is available at


As always, if you have recommendations for guests you’d like to hear on our show or would like to be a guest yourself, tweet us at OMC MusicLink.


Mar 19, 2015

In this second episode of our SXSW special, the MusicLink team meets with musician Wendy Colonna, a Louisiana native who combines a unique sound along with a masterful understanding of the music industry.


Next, the gang speaks with Jane Mohr who is the lead broadcast producer at RAPP a leading marketing communication agency in Los Angeles. Jane helps brands utilize the right music to create engaging experiences for consumers.


If you have a recommendation for a guest, or would like to be a guest yourself, tweet us at OMC MusicLink.


You can hear more of Wendy’s songs at


Mar 18, 2015

Welcome to the first episode of MusicLink The Show.

We're kicking off this podcast at SXSW talking with influential women in the industry to get their take on the relationship between brands, bands and fans.

Today, hosts Jamie Hannah and Sean Sirkin meet with musical guest Sisi Berry who talks about her experiences in the music industry and performs a powerful acoustic song called "Working Man".

Then Jamie and Sean speak with Warner Bros. executive Lori Feldman and muisc artist Andra Day about brand marketing opportunities and developing artists' careers.