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May 18, 2015

Today we're doing things a bit differently. Sean is hosting this episode solo and with three guests instead of two.

As the role of technology changes the way music is created and shared, some people are choosing to eschew the traditional roles and responsibilities to create a richer end product.

Sean's first guest is Cavin Huang who is an Associate Creative Director at Interbrand New York. Cavin works with brands to bring projects to life through all mediums including websites and apps.

He is very involved in deciding how a brand should sound, then using that to tailor a rich user experience for the consumer.

Then we hear from artist Elijah And The Grapes as well as Anthony Verderosa from KBV Music.

Anthony is KBV's Music Supervisor, Composer and Label Owner who has worked very closely with artist Elijah to compose and produce new music. They have found technology to be extremely helpful in sharing files enabling them to compose, edit and add lyrics remotely.

Some of their collaborations include:


Now Or Never

Plz Plz Plz

Sleep In Trees

Sleep In Trees - Late Night Alumni Remix

KBV is a hybrid music company that is a record label, publisher and produces original music for picture.